Why it’s not about the technology

From cyber-crime to cyber-safety, the Council of Europe has since long been leading policies and strategies to set the Internet Governance Agenda at the European Level.

On Wednesday 28th September, all stakeholders interested in contributing to the Council of Europe 2012-2015 Internet Governance Strategy got together. The Meeting started with a very direct statement: Designing policies is not enough anymore.

The next step is to enforce current laws and legislations and ensure their implementation. Designing and reinforcing competencies by building capacities has to be planned from the beginning. Another way is to develop public-private partnerships in various sectors and increase collaboration between different institutions.

However, for Thomas Schneider from the Swiss OFCOM , it is not enough. “We shouldn’t put anymore technology at the center of such policies, but rather the human”

In other words, we need to to apply the same values we have in the offline world to the online one. He stresses that we should “stick to values and principles and make sure everybody has access to them”. He agrees with Vint Cerf “The Father of the Internet”, earlier statement, that we need to define global common shared principles and answer the question: “How will we implement them?”

Overall, we need to aim for a society where we are granted maximum freedoms, while ensuring that everybody has the same right to access these freedoms






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