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Video: Challenging Youth Perspectives- Internet Protection & Iran – Ehsan Norouzi

Does the internet need to be protected or do we need to be protected from it? Ehsan Norouzi is a journalist at Deutsche Welle, is from Iran and currently lives in germany. He was chosen as a participant to the New Media Summer School and attended the Eurodig 2011 in Belgrade. Ehsan is interviewed by…

Video: Youth Challenging Perspectives- Dealing with your privacy- Google

How to deal with your privacy on the internet and how can young people shape the Internet Governance Policies ? Marco Pancini is a Senior Policy Counsel at Google. He was interviewed during the 2011 Eurodig by the New Media Summer School. Video by Nasma Dasser and Tobias Martens

EuroDIG impressions from Twitter

The European Dialogue on Internet Governance 2011 Conference seen through the minds, eyes and messages of Twitter users.

Making human rights work in the digital world

Reporting from workshop 8 at EuroDIG: What role can human rights play in internet governance? – The main topic of the workshop was bringing human rights to a reality. How can we make sure that human rights are being valued in the Internet? With an aid of the ‘charter of human rights and principles for…

Video: Youth Challenging Perspectives- William J. Drake – ICANN

What future opportunities and challenges for the Web 3.0 and new gTLDs? William J. Drake is an International Fellow in the Media Change and Innovation Division at the University of Zurich, where he teaches courses on ICT global governance and the Internet and social change. He shares his vision on the future of Internet. Video…

Video: Youth Challenging Perspectives – Brahima Sanou – Director Telecommunication Bureau (ITU)

What’s the role of non-eu States in EuroDIG and how to ensure that young people are actively included in the Dialogue and Decision Making? Mr. Sanou is interviewed by the New Media Summer School and challenges him on two questions during the 2011 EuroDIG. Video by Nasma Dasser and Tobias Martens

Video: Youth Challenging Perspectives – Internet & Freedom of Speech – Birgitta Jónsdottir

Freedom of Speech vs Privacy? What’s the global perspective? Birgitta Jonsdottir is a Member of Parliament in Iceland as well as a poet, journalist, internet pioneer, activist and publisher. She was listed as one of the key participants at the Opening Ceremony of the 2011 EuroDIG. Video by Nasma Dasser and Tobias Martens

EuroDIG: Monday’s tweets