Summer School @EuroDIG 2012


The Web of Tomorrow is yours will bring together 32 young people from 32 countries prior to the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) 2012 in Stockholm (Sweden) between 11th and 16th June 2012 in order to develop the field of internet governance bringing forward the opinion of young people from different regions in Europe and its surrounding areas.

The event aims to develop young people’s competences on internet governance issues, make the voice of young people heard and provide them a chance to participate in debates on web policy. It is organised my consortium of 5 International Youth Organisations Youth for Exchange and Understanding International, AEGEE, JEF, European Youth Press and Federation of Young European Greens and coordinated by European Youth Forum.

The idea

The idea of the project arose from several previous events and IGFs (Internet Governance Forums) where no youth voice was represented but where youth-relevant matters were discussed. At the moment children and youth related topics are one of the core issues at IGF meetings; however youth voice is neither represented nor heard. Furthermore, youth e-participation is becoming more and more relevant every day; some even say that in some years it’s more vital to reach non organised young people online than face to face.

Therefore it’s important to develop effective tools and methods how to involve young people online regardless to their background. In addition, e-participation is one of the means of developing democracy and therefore needs to be explored a lot.


Day 0
Arrivals Arrivals Welcome evening
Day 1
Introduction & getting to know each other and expectations
EuroDIG – contexts and experiences
Mind map – Internet Governance
Social reporting – introduction
Discovering Stockholm by night (optional)
Day 2
YFJ Policy paper and World cafe of tomorrow (Inclusion, Social Entrepreneurship, Net activism, Open data) Copy rights
Participation in EuroDIG
Free evening
Day 3
20×20 Presentations Experts (Google and CoE, YFJ)
Preparation of statement for EuroDIG
Welcome dinner of EuroDIG
Day 4
EuroDIG EuroDIG Gala dinner
Day 5
EuroDIG EuroDIG Free evening
Day 6
Evaluation of EuroDIG
Best practice Follow up
Departures Farewell evening
Day 7
Departures Departures Departures


  • to create a space for young people to develop their skills, knowledge and attitude (SKAs) regarding IG and online participation;
  • to provide a space for young people to develop their competences and encourage them to use creative and innovative approaches in new media issues & bring their ideas forward in order to develop the field of internet and new media;
  • to strengthen the input of users and young people to EuroDIG;
  • to promote the concept of being a leader in online social spaces and actively contribute to new media policy discussions, debates and decisions;
  • to explore youth participation in the online world and how to use it effectively in youth organizations and civil society;
  • to identify the specific needs and channels for education through online media for youth;
  • to introduce the concept of youth and internet rights.


We intend to use a variety of methods based on non-formal education: inputs from the facilitators and experts, simulations and role plays, intercultural learning as a process present throughout the project, brainstorming, energizers, YEU eurogames2010 T-kit, discussions and creative thinking (both in small groups and in plenary), input from participants.

Tweets to EuroDIG 2011
Tweets to EuroDIG 2011
No other group in society is living with and within the web as naturally and symbiotically as the generation of digital natives.

As users, producers and innovators on the web, young people are not only deeply concerned and affected by policy decisions and technological developments regarding New Media, they are also shaping the way the internet evolves daily.